Doo Wop Thou Wilt - [2019 Sashimmy Records World Goth Day Benefit for S​​.​​O​​.​​P​​.​​H​​.​​I​​.​​E​​.​​]

by Hypnagogic State



This special World Goth Day single by Hypnagogic State, featuring Aleister Crowley, is from the forthcoming album, "Every Man and Every Woman is a Superstar". The advance release is a benefit for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and was kindly donated to us by the artist. All proceeds will go to support the S.O.P.H.I.E. charity, which stands for: "Stamp Out Prejudice, Hate, and Intolerance Everywhere." You may pay whatever you like for the single during the month of May, to support the charity.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation focuses on creating respect and understanding of subcultures in our communities, particularly the Goth community. They spread education to stop bullying, hate crimes, and verbal abuse towards all countercultures.

For more information about the charity, please visit

Download includes a special Sashimmy Records/S.O.P.H.I.E./World Goth Day poster. Please include your email address with your single purchase, and we will email you a lovely 14x23 inch digital poster. We cannot send you the poster, if we don't have a valid email address. Thank you!

© 2019 Sashimmy Records
© 2019 Mortuary Music

Cover Art: By Penelope Courtney
Poster By: Lisa King


released May 22, 2019


all rights reserved



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